Electricity bill reducer Solar Street Lights Installed By Suryatech Solar Systems, Pune.

Solar Street Lights Installed By Suryatech Solar Systems, Pune

Solar Street lights are designed to work throughout the night. Also many of them can stay lit up more than one night if sun is not available for couple of days. The older model includes CFL and nowadays modern model includes LED Luminary. The street light is also equipped with flat plate solar SPV panel to cope up with wind and tilted towards south. A battery with battery box is provided on the same pole on which panel is mounted to store the energy. Pole of about 4.5 Mts height is used for regular street   lights. The pole height can be increased or reduced depends upon requirement. A controller is also provided to switch On / Off charging and lighting. Street light required following material Solar panel, battery , controller , battery , battery charger, pole ,luminary etc.

Solar street lights can be used at farmhouses, compound wall lighting, pathway lighting  etc.