Solar Power Pack Installed By Suryatech Solar Systems, Pune

Solar Power Pack Installed By Suryatech Solar Systems, Pune


Solar Power Pack Installed by Suryatech Solar Systems, Pune.


What is Net Metering?

Net Metering is an agreement that allows solar PV system owner to sell excess solar energy to the grid or buy deficit energy from grid using a meter to track this energy exchange.

Case 1: If solar energy generation less than required load, difference of energy taken from main grid & meter runs forward. System owner charged for the units consumed from main grid. eg during early morning and late evening/night.

Case 2: If solar energy generation more than required load, excess solar energy fed back to the main grid & mater runs backward. System owner gets credit for the units fed back to main unit. eg during peak sunshine hours (Afternoon)

Two way Meter: One to measure solar energy generation and second to measure the units consumed from utility grid.

Benefits of Net Meter:

  1. Financial benefit for the system owner
  2. Avoid the use of batteries
  3. Produce more today, use that tomorrow
NET Metering policy

Working of Net Metering

Net Metering Procedure:

  1. Fill the application form & pays the registration fees then submit it.
  2. First Come, First Serve basis. Acknowledgement receipt within 3 days or intimate applicant within that period of any incompleteness.
  3. MSEDCL office conduct technical feasibility study within 15 working days from registration of application.
  4. AC voltage level at which connectivity sought
  5. Sanction Load/Contract Demand
  • Rated output AC voltage of rooftop Solar PV project
  1. Available capacity of Distribution Transformer.
  2. Before rejecting any application, applicant with notice to rectify within 15 days
  3. If found technically feasible, within 7 working days completion of feasibility study, approve for rooftop project. Approval shall indicate max permissible capacity & validity for 6 months
  4. Applicant shall submit the completion report within 6 months validity
  5. MSEDCL shall complete testing and commissioning of system within 10 days and shall install Net metering Equipment and synchronize solar PV system