Suryatech Solar Systems, Pune serves best quality solar cooker to customers .

Solar Cooker supplied By Suryatech Solar Systems

The Solar Cooker works on the basic principle of converting sunlight in heat energy and retaining it for Cooking purpose. A  Solar Cooker needs an outdoor spot that is sunny for several hours and protected from strong wind and where food will be safe. The dark black surface gets up very hot in sunlight, so black coloured thin metal pots with tight fitting lids are used inside the cooker. This retains heat and moisture. The outer box of solar cooker is made up of aluminium with insulating material inside to retain the heat inside.

We can prepare all food items veg and non .vegetarian food, cakes, and other variety of food like cake, roosting of various nuts etc.

Food test is natural & without losses  of vitamins .

100% safe cooking .