Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) type of solar water heating systems installed by suryatech solar systems, Pune

ETC Solar Water Heating System Installed By Suryatech Solar Systems, Pune

ETC –   ( Evacuated Tube collector) – We offer our clients an exclusive range of E.T.C. type solar water heaters. According to thermo siphon process When the sun rays strikes the solar tubes, the water inside tubes gets heated  and get transferred in the hot water storage tank due to lighter weight .This  phenomenon happens in the majority of period of sunlight intensity. In India it is mostly from10 am to 4 pm. Due to circular surface of the tube ETC type solar water heaters gives higher efficiency. It Also   works good in winter ( Cold) climatic regions. E.T.C. type systems are also suitable for hard water than Flat plate type solar water heaters.

Suryatech   ETC solar water systems also developed pressurized system up to 5 kg.

Suryatech ETC includes normal following items , same will be vary as per situation or requirements  :

                                             a) Inner storage tank: S.S./G.I/M.S.

                                             b) Insulation :PUF /rock wool /glass wool

                                             c) Outer tank “ I./Al / S.S./ Powder coated

                                             d) Tube Material: All Glass tube with > 92 % absorption rate .

                                             e) Tube measurements : 58 x 1800 mm / 70 x 2100 mm / 58 x 2100 mm

                                             f) Support structure: High quality G.I./M.S. powder coated.